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Lowla Jeans: 217988 - Butt Lifter Compression Jeans

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LOWLA 217988 Colombian Jeans Levanta Cola

As a rule, many of us can trust in at least one pair of bigger butt jeans that make us feel good and look even better. If it’s been a while since you've last updated your butt lift jeans for women, look no further than this since LOWLA Butt Enhancing Jeans will make you look and feel a size smaller! By integrating the ultimate shapewear innovation into every one of our butt jeans tummy , LOWLA Colombian Jeans Levanta Cola will fit both your way of life and your one of a kind silhouette. Crafted with premium super-stretch fabrics, our levanta cola jeans preserve their shape. Keep looking flawless with us, with our butt skinny jeans you won't have to give up on comfort. These butt lifter jeans include undetectable enhancing butt pads for a sexier look that can be removed in case they are not needed. Imagine finally having the figure of your dreams by just putting on our pair of butt lifting jeans ! Say hello to banging curves with the amazing LOWLA Butt Skinny Jeans for Women we have for you. Jeans butt lift that will hug each and every one of your curves adjusting perfectly to your body. These butt lift jeans are exclusively intended to enhance your figure, boost your backside, and are also jeans butt lifting which compress your tummy and delineate your waist. - Accessories are not included.

LOWLA 217988 Jeans Colombianos Levanta Cola Stretch

Jeans Colombianos Levanta Cola : Nuestros jeans colombianos levanta cola stretch abrazarán tus curvas ajustándose perfectamente. Estos pantalones colombianos levanta cola incluyen almohadillas levanta pompis internas e indetectables, las cuales pueden ser removibles de para un look más sexy. Estos pantalones de mujer levanta cola son ideales para alzar tu trasero, y comprimir tu abdomen ¡Una combinación perfecta nunca antes vista! Pantalones colombianos levanta cola stretch con moldeador interno - Los accesorios no vienen incluidos.
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