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Showmee is proudly in charge of the best high-living garments and goods to absolutely fulfill our client's goals and aims. Our international line offers you a wide variety of products and specialized styles. It does not matter the garment or the item you select we assure, the highest quality, absolute comfort, and elegance. Conceiving a unique experience that offers many benefits for our clients with different features and characteristics is our main purpose.

Constantly worried about of our client’s inquiries and necessities, we have set up a global multi-brand serviceable site just according to your needs and some of the goods of your predilection. Also, we have strategically thought about your wishes and personal desires to develop our main web features and choosing our brands. We have also a very special and unique location at 2600 NW 87th Av. #19, Doral, Florida, USA, where you can either buy directly or going inside our marvelous online store and have your item delivered without any hassles, as well as being attended by our well-informed Customer Service.

Our Company sells some of the greatest and most prominent garments in order to reach out the needs of our clients, giving you quality and faultless comfort in every one of our items. Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Cosmacol EMI and marine algae are all micro-components added to the Lycra lining in our garments, creating a unique experience that offers many benefits for our clients, and that is not all, as a multi-brand online store we offer several products such as accessories, activewear, swimwear, shapewear – world famous Colombian fajas, lingerie, pajamas, jeans, leather goods, kid’s clothing, shoes and men’s underwear.

Surpassing the principal international standards is a most for all our specialized brands. The commitment to the quality our shop gives is shown in all our products sold. When choosing our brands, you will know that our support throughout the Customer Service, our staff commitment, and our main focus is on you, whether if you recover after a procedure or for your own daily use and enjoyment.

The future performing online-physical sales has arrived and you can't miss the widely acclaimed opportunity to fulfill your dreamed products exhibition, and if you as an esteemed goods or retail company desire to place your product in a highly competitive place - web, Showmee is the location that you have always waited. We not only offer an online store to expand your brand, we provide that brand with a multi-focused business strategy to increase the impact that your products will have on the clients. Located just one mile from Miami International Airport and twelve miles from Downtown Miami, Showmee has placed a miscellaneous shopping design where the omnichannel adventure will be your ultimate business stratagem. The UPS - FedEx pick up access point, which can be translated into customer's feasible shipping - returns, and at the same time Showmee offers your brand a wide sales experience on showing the web features plus a products' demonstration at hand.

Your 100% contentment is demonstrated with our determination to complete and guarantee your purchase. If by any chance you are not pleased with the best made, most comfortable compression garments, clothing and general goods available anywhere worldwide, please return them within 30 days of your purchase, in order to acquire a full refund of your money. In the case of an imperfection, you count also with 30 days after you purchase for sending the item back. We are hopeful you will coincide that our products possess the most wanted features and we are the world's leaders in restfulness and reliability.

A supreme fusion between online and physical shopping has been set for your brand along with the most convenient shipping/return process you’ve ever imagined. People can visit our store traditionally and buy any product they liked on the online one, or if customers have liked an item on the website, they can go directly to the our location and make their purchase. That’s Showmee’s main focus.

In summary, our services include retail store services, exhibition, support of traditional and 2.0 sales channels providing as well showrooms, wholesale store service knowledge, training and product testing. Showmee supplies you with the storage of a wide variety of merchandise types such as: clothing, shapewear, lingerie, underwear, shoes, swimwear, accessories, cosmetics, edible products, home goods, household items, constructions and interior design products or movable property warehousing.

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