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LOWLA: 2008 - High Waisted White Flat Tummy Panties

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Looking good without being comfortable is a thing of the past: let Lowla's girdle panties pull in all those things you don't want hanging out. These amazing shapewear panties will tuck and trim your belly, hips and rear. This amazing panty girdle will help vanish all the bumps and bulges to form a sleek look through your abdomen. If you're looking for an hourglass figure these panties shapewear will work with your body and all its angles. Perfect for the person that wants a good high waist shapewear, these panty girdles for women are stunning. The lace details all around the body makes this an ultra feminine shapewear lingerie piece. The panel fabric on the front of this pantie girdle provides support while the sheer details make this piece breathable and invisible under clothes. The high waist band in these girdles panties will make sure they don't move through the day. A new take on the classic shapewear, the materials used in these women panty girdles are incredible. Lowla's powernet stomach girdle was designed to keep your body in while letting your skin breathe. The beauty in these body shapers for stomach is that the compression in them won't make you feel uncomfortable. Get beautiful proportions and a stunning lump free shape with this tummy shapewear. Wear this body shaping underwear beneath any skirts, dresses or pants. Lowla's compression girdle will make anything you put on fit like a glove. An incredible addition to your girdle lingerie collection. Let our stunning body shapers boost your confidence and define your body like no other. Si estás buscando pantaletas que te den soporte y la vez actuen como fajas reductoras, Lowla tiene una increíble alternativa en ropa interior de mujer. Con compresión en powernet este blumer de mujer moldea tu cintura y reduce tu abdomen. Los materiales usados para crear estas fajas para la cintura hacen que tu cuerpo respire durante el día o noche.

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