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Diane & Geordi

Diane & Geordi: Post Surgical Colombian Full body Shaper

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• Now you can look stunning and curvified with these post surgical Colombian full body shaper that will make you look good after surgery. But we know that comfort is important too, and for this reason, this whole body girdle offers you the opportunity to feel great and protected!

• Our post surgical Colombian full body shaper is the perfect choice to be used after a surgery such as a liposuction or a tummy tuck. The compression offered by Diane & Geordi's whole body girdle makes it perfect to help during the recovery process.

• Diane & Geordi offers the strongest material out there, that's proven on our post surgical Colombian full body shaper and its Powernet made features, elastane and polyamide had never been placed together in such a comfy and protective way.

• Control your hips, lift up buttocks and tummy compression our just the beginning. Your baby will recover as quickly as you wanted, our post surgical Colombian full body shaper with frontal hooks, wide straps, open perineal space with an adjustable piece, these are features you will enjoy and be delighted with.

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