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Laty Rose Jeans

Lt. Rose Jeans: 2001 - Blue Denim Butt Lifter Natural Look

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• This stretch amazing push up jean is both slimming and fashionable designed to enhance the women figure, especially buttocks and hips. The cool look you're getting with this blue denim butt lifter natural look is out of this world.

• This blue denim butt lifter natural look is made of Cotton, Polyester and Lycra that adjusts perfectly to your body. Easy to wear & Soft to your skin, hugs your body from your ankles to your waist, Butt Lifter Colombian jeans to go around with style.

blue denim butt lifter natural look and Skinny jean for women specially designed to lift the buttocks naturally, perfect fit to your hips, hiding rolls, exclusive fabrics for a good fit and comfort, made with yarns of the highest quality.

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