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Laty Rose

Laty Rose: 210210 - Butt Lifting Shapewear

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Look at the difference shapewear for women can make and have instant results with Laty Rose girdles shapewear. This slimming body shaper will have your midsection looking leaner in every garment you'd like to wear. This amazing tummy slimming shapewear will leave you a smooth silhouette with everything held exactly where they should be. Slip into our Colombian girdles for women and boost your confidence everyday of the week. With Laty Rose braless shapewear flattening your tummy, giving your waist some definition and lifting your bum has never been easier. This body powernet will let your skin breath through the day while making sure your stomach doesn't jiggle. The zipper feature in this tummy shapewear makes putting on and removing the garment extremely simple. With an amazing blend of materials Laty Rose has an incredible alternative to improve your shapewear women collection with a new body shaper. Made with powernet this female body shaper will let your skin breathe and be completely unnoticeable under your jeans, skirts and dresses. Let out women body shaper give you a figure to stop traffic. Perfect for the everyday use Laty Rose girdle shaper will have your body looking amazing daily. Wear this women shapewear underneath your favorite clothes. This is the shapewear for women stomach you've been looking to shave off some inches while keeping your bum lifted and supported. Comienza a usar estas revolucionarias fajas reductoras y mejora tu aspecto al usar cualquier prenda. Las fajas colombianas de Laty Rose son ideales para aquellas que desean verse mejor en una prenda específica o durante su rutina diaria. Los materiales usados en estas fajas para mujer permiten que tu piel respire al tiempo que son invisibles debajo de tu ropa. Robarás todas las miradas con estas fajas para mujeres.

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