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Funat Labs

Funat Marigold & Aloe Vera Extract Gel

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Facial Treatment Repair | Calendula Repair Gel
  • Care your skin with FUNAT'S GELCURE, its new gel lotion for the face created to promote the healing process of the skin, with moisturizing properties. GELCURE is a facial treatment repair developed to accelerate the process of regeneration and healing of injured skin, thanks to the natural extracts of calendula, onion, horse chestnut and aloe vera.
  • Four benefits are combined in this aloe vera gel : healing and regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and moisturizing. This calendula lotion applied is perfect for everyday use, you will see quick results in healing and regeneration of injured tissue. Being in gel, the absorption is faster and there are no visible residues as in creams.
  • This scar care gel has also an antimicrobial activity against skin bacterias, your skin will be perfectly protected,clean and soft. Everyday you will notice that your skin is more supple and soft. Always thinking of your comfort as well, this practical presentation make this organic calendula therapy creme easy to carry inside your purse or gym bag, everywhere you go. Enjoy all calendula and aloe vera benefits that make your skin look younger and softer.
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